At Microbiome Insights our combined experience with human, animal and environmental ecosystems provides us with the expertise to work with a wide variety of sample types.

The fundamentals of capturing a microbial snapshot is consistent with each of these models, but the nature of each of these sample types are quite different. As such we have developed best practices for collection, storage and transport that will help guide you through the initial stages of your study.

We work with you to provide an end-to-end solution, taking into consideration unique workflows, quality control procedures and samples with low biomass.

If you are working with a  sample type that is not listed here please contact us for assistance on workflow optimisation.

Human and Animal Research

Skin Samples
Gut Samples

Oral Samples
Other Samples

Agriculture and Food

Processed Food

Industry and Systems

Soil systems and Remediation
Water Treatment Systems
Other Systems

For more information on sample collection, storage and transport please go to our support section.