Human and Animal Research

Our clients approach the microbiome from all angles, and so do we. With the experiences gained from Brett Finlay and Bill Mohn’s labs, our team has an unparalleled expertise in human, animal and agricultural models. This allows us to understand the various ecosystems that co-exist, and to determine how each model should be handled in order to capture the strongest results.

The fundamentals of capturing a microbial snapshot is consistent with each of these models, but the nature of each of these sample types are quite different. As such we have developed best practices for collection, storage and transport that will help guide you through the initial stages of your study. We have developed dedicated pages for each sample type, illustrating best practices particular to your sample type and the information you wish to capture from your study.

If you are working with a sample type that is not listed here please contact us for assistance on workflow optimisation.


  • Longitudinal microbial shifts before and after treatment/feed administration
  • Pre-clinical assessment of drug impact in human or rodent models
  • Microbial contributions to soil enrichment and plant growth
  • Microbial identification and classification in oceanic ecosystems
  • Commensal bacterial retention during skin care regimen

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