Samuel Miller, MD

University of Washington, USA

Samuel Miller, MD is a Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology and Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. His laboratory is focused on defining the molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis and interactions with eukaryotic cells, with a special emphasis on innate immune response to Gram-negative bacteria.  Dr. Miller’s important contributions include: defining how Salmonella senses antimicrobial peptides and pH to promote pathogenesis, environmental regulation of Lipid A structure of Gram-negative bacteria to promote resistance to antimicrobial peptides and alter recognition by mammalian LPS receptor complex, and recently, the development of technology to define human diversity in innate immune recognition of bacteria, and a development of a biosensor for c-di-GMP to visualize second messenger dynamics in living bacteria. In the last five years Dr. Miller has turned his attention to the development of methods and analysis pipelines to translate metagenomics of the intestinal microbiome for clinical applications in a variety of chronic diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease and cystic fibrosis.