Anusha Gandhi

Senior Director of Sales and Business Development

Anusha Gandhi is the Senior Director of Sales and Business Development at Microbiome Insights. She brings nearly ten years of medical device development and sales experience to the company. Prior to joining the team, she held various positions as Channel Manager, Microbiome Product Manager, and Director of Sales at DNA Genotek Inc (now an Orasure company) and was most recently Director of Sales at Puritan Medical Products Company LLC. Anusha’s focus has been on the development of collection devices that enable the non-invasive collection of high quality DNA for genetic and microbiome testing. She has a strong understanding of study design, regulatory requirements, and commercialization and has worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies, and academic institutions all over the world. Anusha earned a Master of Neuroscience (MSc) and Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (BSc) from Carleton University.