Microbiome Insights’ Top Five Moments of 2018

Every company has a mission; ours goes above and beyond delivering top-notch microbiome data & bioinformatic analysis. Here’s what our team strives for everyday:

Microbiome Insights aims to advance microbiome science by empowering researchers with our expertise and innovation.

Empowering our clients who are doing the research—that’s the reason we exist. Throughout 2018, our team has worked hard to carry out our mission. We have upheld high scientific standards across all projects, continuing to support academic projects as well as developing areas within industry.

Here are five of the best moments of the past year at Microbiome Insights:

This year we’ve seen samples from all over the world, across many areas of microbiome science. Our clients have ranged from microbiome veterans to those just getting into the field, and we take pride in our ability to meet the needs of each and every one. We’re inspired by their passion and dedication, and we’re proud to have earned the trust of clients who, to date, have provided us with more than 20,000 samples to sequence.

In 2019 we`ll be as dedicated as ever to our mission. Stay tuned in the new year for news about our R&D efforts within the gut microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease space!