Microbiome Movement Skin Health & Dermatology Summit

Microbiome Insights is proud to be a founding partner for the 2nd Microbiome Movement – Skin Health & Dermatology Summit, taking place from September 4th-6th, 2019, in San Diego (USA). This collaborative forum will feature over 100 thought leaders from academia, biological sciences, and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, reviewing the scientific challenges and opportunities pertaining to the skin microbiome: in particular, to translate knowledge of the skin microbiome into safe and commercially viable therapeutics and cosmetic products that improve skin health. Building on last year’s highly acclaimed inaugural event, this conference is an excellent opportunity to discover cutting-edge research and expand collaborator networks.

Microbiome Insights’ Senior Director of Bioinformatics, Dr. Pedro Dimitriu, will be speaking about the company’s specialized expertise in skin microbiome analysis and a partnership with Amway to investigate microbiome-related factors contributing to skin health and aging. Dr. Dimitriu’s talk will be held at 10:00 am on September 5th — don’t miss it!