Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum

Microbiome Insights is proud to be exhibiting at Global Engage 7th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA, from October 29th-30th, 2019 in San Diego (USA). With over 400 attendees, 100 speakers, and 35 exhibitors spanning across academia and business (including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology), meeting has a reputation for providing an excellent networking experience and the opportunity for new collaborations. Over the two days, learn about novel research, development trends, business strategies, and funding opportunities. The program this year focuses on metabolic functioning, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, and the relationship between the microbiome and cancer.

Pedro Dimitriu, Microbiome Insights’ Senior Director of Bioinformatics, will be speaking at the event. Malcolm Kendall, CEO, will be moderating a can’t-miss panel on microbiome investment. Come join us in San Diego!

19th Annual International Healthcare Summit

Microbiome Insights is pleased to be attending the 19th Annual International Healthcare Summit in Kelowna (Canada) from June 24 to 25th, 2019! This two-day forum allows Canadian healthcare officials, senior policy makers, academics, and healthcare professionals to come together and discuss the future of personalized medicine.

The event will include presentations and showcase the newest products and innovations from experts in the field. Case studies and programs will provide a practical angle, making this a great opportunity for initiating collaborations in the healthcare industry.

Microbiome Insights CEO, Malcolm Kendall, will be speaking on a panel at the summit — join us there! 

Digestive Disease Week 2019

Microbiome Insights will be attending Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2019 in San Diego (USA) from May 18 to May 21st, 2019! This annual conference is known as the largest North American gathering of physicians and researchers in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, and gastrointestinal surgery. This is an excellent opportunity to meet thought leaders, stay up to date on cutting-edge research, and network with colleagues from around the world. The program of DDW includes presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, and other learning opportunities. Our team looks forward to deepening our knowledge in this area as we prepare to launch our first product related to inflammatory bowel disease later this year. We hope to see you there! 

4th Women and their Microbes Conference

Microbiome Insights is pleased to be attending the 4th Women and their Microbes Conference from March 6-7th, 2019, in Hamilton (Canada). The theme will be “Microbiota Management in Pregnancy.” The event organizers are a group that aims to help women obtain the best possible health through microbial management. The conference will be comprised of clinicians and top-level academics discussing their research in lectures, workshops, poster sessions, and more. Speakers to watch for include Dr. Gregor Reid and Dr. Kjersti Aagaard; Reid is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and Surgery at Western University (Canada), with extensive experience in probiotic research and the study of microbes in the urogenital tract of women. Aagaard, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine (USA) leads a team of researchers aiming to discover the genomic mechanisms underlying perinatal health and disease. Stay tuned for our updates from the event!

3rd Microbiome Movement AgBioTech Summit

The Microbiome Insights team is pleased to be participating in the 3rd Microbiome Movement AgBioTech Summit from February 26th-28th in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (USA). This summit focuses on microbial-based agricultural products and will highlight new research, product development and performance, and matters pertaining to market entry and regulation. The conference will feature workshops and presentations on themes such as causality in plant-soil-microbiome interactions and how to achieve excellence in field design and analysis.

Crohn’s and Colitis Congress

Microbiome Insights will be heading to Las Vegas February 7th-9th to attend the 2019 Crohn’s and Colitis Congress, hosted by the Crohn`s & Colitis Foundation and the American Gastroenterological Association. The congress will bring together healthcare professionals and researchers to share knowledge and perspectives relating to the care of individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A diverse range of sessions will be offered, including pertinent workshops on topics such as IBD in pediatric populations and nutritional therapy for IBD.

Microbiome Gut-Brain Axis Summit

Microbiome Insights is happy to announce our team will not only be participating as a partner at the Microbiome Gut-Brain Axis Summit but we will also be presenting at this year’s event. The goal of this summit, held in Boston, MA, USA, is to help translate cutting-edge gut-brain microbiome research into viable products in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and nutrition sectors. Several key topics concerning the gut-brain axis will be explored, including building predicative pre-clinical models, and discovery tools and technologies to effectively understand and manipulate the gut-brain axis. Microbiome Movement Summits by Hanson Wade regularly attract senior-level researchers as well as CEOs, Presidents, Directors, and Managers from leading microbiome-focused companies.


Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit

The Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit is an exciting opportunity to learn more about commercialization of microbiome products in the prebiotic, probiotic, food, and pharmaceutical industries, and Microbiome Insights is proud to attend as an exhibitor and exhibition partner. This event in Boston, MA, USA is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals of developing ‘next-generation’ food and nutrition products for improving human health. Many key areas of microbiome and human nutrition will be covered, such as personalised nutrition, ‘omics technologies, customer education, microbes in the food chain, and many more. Featuring top level business partners and academic speakers, this summit is a can’t-miss opportunity to maximize opportunities in this area of industry.

Skin Microbiome Congress

Join Microbiome Insights, Inc. at the Skin Microbiome Congress, where they will be presenting as well as attending as event partners. Researchers and industry leaders are increasingly taking notice of the emerging relationship between skin health and the skin microbiome, with a push toward more ‘natural’ products. Therefore, the potential to harness skin bacteria to treat various conditions is an enormous opportunity. Held in Boston, MA (USA) on May 30-31, the Skin Microbiome Congress brings together over 100 industry experts from leading multinational pharmaceutical, beauty, and personal care companies, along with independent skin care brands and innovative biotechs advancing the field. Attendees will learn about cutting edge research, consumer trends, how to design effective clinical trials, gaining a competitive edge for their product lines, and understanding the many avenues toward market and regulatory considerations. Don’t miss a chance to network with and learn from colleagues in the field — including proud event partners, Microbiome Insights.