As founding sponsor of Hanson Wade Skin Health & Dermatology conference, Microbiome Insights speaks about skin microbiome study design

With its globally leading expertise in skin microbiome testing, Microbiome Insights was a proud founding sponsor of the Skin Health & Dermatology Conference, held in San Diego September 10th to 12th, 2018. According to conference organizers Hanson Wade, the aim of the event was “understanding the underlying biology of the skin microbiome for translation into safe, effective, and commercially viable dermatological therapeutics & cosmetic products”. Participants heard about microbiome-focused skin products already on the market and those under development by companies around the world.,

Microbiome Insights CEO Malcolm Kendall spoke at the conference, with a presentation entitled: “Swab to Data – Considerations for Designing Skin Microbiome Studies”. The talk covered expertise developed by the Microbiome Insights team by working with leading scientists and industry partners in cosmetics and dermatology, and explained how the company has developed new 16S V4 region primers for improved skin microbiome analyses.

Also on the speakers’ list was Greg Hillebrand, Senior Principal Scientist at Amway, who spoke about a study carried out in partnership with Microbiome Insights: “Temporal Changes in the Facial Skin Microbiome: A One-Year Longitudinal Study in Normal Healthy Men and Women”.

To find out more about the conference, see here.

Microbiome Skin Health & Dermatology Summit

Microbiome Insights, Inc. is proud to be the founding partner for the inaugural Microbiome Skin Health and Dermatology Summit, a part of the Microbiome Movement Series. The aim of this event is to show how we can better understand the mechanisms behind microbial interactions on the skin, and to discuss standardization of metagenomics research and effective product development. Over 100 key opinion leaders, senior drug and cosmetic developers, and technology experts will descend on San Diego, CA (USA) from September 10th to 12th with the goal of accelerating development, discovery, and commercialization of dermatological therapeutics and next-generation cosmetics, all founded on clinically validated microbiome research. We hope to see you there!


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