Microbiome Animal Health Summit

The team from Microbiome Insights is bringing its expertise to the upcoming Microbiome Animal Health Summit, May 23- 24, 2018 in St. Louis, MO (USA) where they will be participating as exhibitors. This inaugural animal health event is part of the Hanson Wade Microbiome Movement Series, which encompasses several events designed to translate microbiome research into commercial products in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and nutritional R&D fields. The summit is the only industry-focused event dedicated to evidence-based investigation of disease causation rather than correlation. Speakers from industry and academia will present on the topics of the animal microbiome as the next disruptive innovation in agriculture, finding function of the gut microbiota, tools and technologies for mining the microbiome, regulatory uncertainty, building a discovery therapeutics platform ,and patentability of the animal microbiome.