Please send samples to:

Attn Ben Tantika
13520 Crestwood Place, Unit 12
Richmond, BC, Canada, V6V 2G3

If shipping soil samples, please let your Microbiome Insights representative know.

Shipping Preparation:

  1. All samples must be labeled according to the identification numbers provided on the sample manifest. Please ask your representative for a unique sample manifest for submission of your samples.
  2. Microbiome Insights requires the sample manifest to be completed and returned electronically prior to receiving your samples.
  3. Please package your samples in the same order as listed in the sample manifest. If Microbiome Insights is required to sort and reorder samples prior to extracting, additional fees may result.
  4. Once boxed, frozen samples MUST be shipped on dry ice with enough dry ice to last the duration of transport (see below).
  5. Samples must only be shipped between Mon-Wed to avoid any delays over the weekend which may result in a freeze-thaw cycle.

When filling out the packing slip:

  1. Indicate that receiver will claim the goods at customs as we have a broker to do so.
  2. Ensure that the packaging slip and commercial invoice both contain the ship to address in full.
  3. Note: Please spell out ‘University of British Columbia’ rather than ‘UBC’.
  4. Include our speed chart number is MEPG (as shown in the physical address)

Please send the completed packing slip to for review BEFORE shipping your samples.