Study Design

Our team will become an extension of yours, running through the parameters of interest and providing input, where required, to design a unique study. We have expertise in environmental/agricultural, animal/human and industrial samples with an in-depth knowledge of microbial techniques and protocols that will help strengthen your data analysis. Being affiliated with the university of British Columbia, we will continue to learn, and help implement new technologies into your study.

Sample Collection

A wide variety of sample types can be used for microbial analysis. We recommend storing all samples in a sterile container at -80C until samples are ready for shipment to our laboratory. For information on sample collection, storage (at -80C or in a commercial buffer) and transport please see our support section.  This section outlines optimal workflows for both at-home/field and clinic collections.


At Microbiome Insights we specialize in publication-quality data. No matter your level of understanding of the microbiome, we believe in providing you with clear and comprehensive data. We provide reporting on all of our services.

Data Consultation

If you need to spend a little more one-on-one time going through the data, our bioinformaticians are also statisticians and can help run you through the numbers.