From a fecal sample, a non-invasive calprotectin test can be used as a first measure of screening for IBD. In general, high levels of fecal calprotectin is used as an indicator of intestinal inflammation. If you are interested in incorporating fecal calprotectin testing into your work, please contact our lab.

Inconclusive data on room temperature stability of fecal calprotectin suggests samples should be collected and stored in the -80 as soon as possible, with shipment to the lab within 7 days of collection. Samples should be collected in a container and sent to us on dry ice; overnight or two day shipping.

Calprotectin Protocol

Calprotectin is extracted from stool according to the BÜHLMANN fCALTM ELISA Calprotectin assay and measured fluorometrically in a microtiter.

Outputs are recorded and normalized as a single value (concentration of calprotectin) per sample.


For Calprotectin Analysis

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