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Microbiome Services

Microbiome Insights operates in a Next Generation Sequencing lab where we rely on consistent and validated protocols to ensure quality control from beginning to end. 

Below is a list of microbiome services conducted in our laboratory. For detailed information on any one of these services click on the service name to the left. 

Who is there?

The most common and economical approach for analysis of composition of microbial communities. Based on high-throughput sequencing of PCR amplicons for prokaryotic communities (16S V4 region), fungal communities (ITS2), and eukaryotic communities (18S).

What can they do?

High-throughput sequencing and analysis of total DNA.

How many are there?

Quantitation of total microbial density or specific microbial populations. Quantitative PCR targets total prokaryotes, bacteria, archaea, fungi as well as other taxonomic or functional groups by request.

What do they do?

Quantitation of faecal SCFAs with gas chromatography. SCFAs are generated by microbial fermentation of dietary fiber, and regulate essential functions related to gut health.

Gut Inflammation?

Quantification of faecal calprotectin with a highly-specific immunochemical test. Calprotectin can be used as a marker for the level of intestinal inflammation, and it correlates with disease activity in people with inflammatory bowel disease.

What else are you interested in?

Please contact our team at info@microbiomeinsights.com
to discuss your custom needs.

End-To-End Service

Our expertise span well beyond the bench. In addition to the microbiome services above, we provide end-to-end service. This includes:

Experimental design consultation
Sample workflow (collection, storage, transportation)
Data and Sample Storage
Bioinformatic consultation

For more information on sample workflow, check out our support page.