Sample Collection

Sample Collection Guidelines

The team at Microbiome Insights has years of experience working with a variety of sample types and collection methods. You may choose to collect your samples and store them at -80C or you may be exploring a commercial collection device for storage at room temperature. We do not supply kits at this time but can help you design your study with the optimal protocol - both for at home/field and clinic collections. 

Collection Device Recommendations:

Devices with Buffer: Both Norgen Biotek and DNA Genotek Inc are manufacturers of biological specimen collection devices that incorporate a lytic stabilization buffer for storage at ambient temperature. We recommend their appropriate devices for stool, oral and external body sites only.  Please refer to each manufacturer for more detail.

Dry Swabs: For dry swabs we recommend using the Becton-Dickinson, BBL CultureSwab EZ II which includes a double-swab encased in a rigid non-breathable transport tube. For all other dry swabs make sure to keep the wrapper or tube for transport to our lab.


Fill out the documents entitled “Study Details” and “Sample Identification” provided by your contact at Microbiome Insights. With a permanent marker write the sample ID (unique identifier) on the sample tube or wrapper label. Please ensure the sample IDs on labels match sample IDs on document entitled “Sample Identification” and that no donor’s personal information is provided anywhere.

In the link below we provide thorough collection instructions on the following sample types:

Table of Contents

Stool Sample – Page 2

Tissue Sample – Page 3

External or Oral Body Sample – Page 4

Peat/Soil Sample – Page 5

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